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Custom Printed Neck Tag Labels for Tshirt


Neck label contains information about the garment that is on the inside rear of the garment around the neck area. These labels can be applied to the neck area by either printing (pad printing, heat transfer, or screen printing) or sewing in a label. The information on the label is largely regulated by government agencies, however, there is still a customizable aspect of label-making they allow brands and small businesses to embrace. This customization can follow brand guidelines including color and font.

Most wholesale clothing comes with the manufacturers label inside of the collar. A lot of customers want their garments to look custom, so we can remove the existing label & screen print your branding inside to give it a custom, tag-less look. We get asked a lot about neck prints, so we’ve written this guide to answer some of your questions.

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An extra little touch in the form of a label could be anything—a (very) short joke, a sketch of your cat, an important date . . . but in a lot of cases, it’s probably going to be simply your brand’s logo.

Here’s how custom labels can benefit your brand: 

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Printful Inside Labels

Inside label customization is the Design Maker feature that makes it easier and quicker to simultaneously design and add inside labels for different color product variants.

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Printful Outside Labels

Creating an outside label works the same way as an inside label, and they have the same dimensions, but you can only add one type of label at a time to a single garment.

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